Mississippi Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Mississippi Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Are Payday Loans Legal in Mississippi?

Payday lending is Legal in Mississippi. Lenders in Mississippi are subject to follow the interest rate caps set forth by state law. Lenders are allowed to charge $22 per every $100 loaned. This rate is on the higher side when it comes to payday lending interest rates. The effective 14 day APR at this rate is 520.00%. The maximum amount a borrower can take out is $500 per check. There is no minimum borrow amount. Lenders can also choose to charge 18% per check as interest. The permitted time period is a maximum of
30 day(s) days. Rollovers are prohibited.

The Payday Lending legislation covers all the parts of the process concerning:

  • Payday Loan amounts
  • Payday Loan repayment terms
  • Payday Loan online direct lenders
  • Payday Loan stores near you
  • Payday Loan interest rates and other fees
  • Payday Loan collecting practices
  • Payday Loan default penalties
  • The number of outstanding Payday Loans as well as a cooling-off period in-between etc.


The eligibility criteria for Payday Loans in Mississippi are:

  • US residence
  • Minimum regular income of $1,000 per month
  • Valid checking or savings account with direct deposit
  • Phone number and e-mail address

Mississippi Payday Loan Terms and Amounts

Mississippi allows maximum $500 Payday Loan amount. It should be repaid within up to 30 days as you get your next paycheck. Earlier payments don’t contemplate any additional fees. You are likely to be charged $20 for a 14-day $100 loan taking into account the maximum APR of 520.00%. For other details read further to find out how many Payday Loans you can borrow, whether rollovers or extensions are allowed, etc.

High-Cost Payday Lending Traps Mississippi Borrowers.pdf

Mississippi residents who are eligible for a Payday Loan can get $500 cash advance per contract. The repayment term is capped at maximum 30 day(s).

However, there are no limits on the purpose of loan usage. Any urgent expenses, unforeseen bills, car repair, home repair, etc. may seem a sound reason to apply for a Payday Loan in Mississippi.

If $500 is not enough, there are always other options to receive the necessary funds in Mississippi:

  • Unsecured Installment Loans,
  • Bad Credit Personal Loans,
  • Title Loans,
  • Check Cashing,
  • Pawn Shops, etc.

Mississippi Payday Loans online laws

Cash advances (payday loans) from both storefront and online lenders are legal in the state of Mississippi as long as lenders are licensed in the state. They need to be approved by the Department of Business Oversight in Mississippi to be considered legal. Reputable online lenders operating in accordance with all relevant state and federal laws can be applied to and compared on our platform using a simple online application form.

You state the necessary amount, fill in your personal information and get suitable offers from legit direct lenders. It takes only a few minutes and doesn’t affect your credit score. 

In case Payday Loan lenders violate Mississippi laws, you can do the following:

  • Contact the Department of Business Oversight at www.dbo.ca.gov
  • Call at their toll-free number – 1-866-275-2677
  • Report the matter to Mississippi State Attorney General
  • Contact the state’s regulator –  Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance, P.O. Box 12129 Jackson, MS 39236-2129, (601) 321-6901, http://www.dbcf.state.ms.us/

Mississippi Payday Loans interest rates, fees, and other finance charges

The main part of the payday loan payment is mostly made up of the interest rate, or APR. The average APR that may be charged for short-term cash advance in Mississippi is 520.00%. It means that if you borrow $100 Payday Loan for 14 days the finance charges will be Under $250: $20 per $100 advanced; $250-500: $21.95 per $100 advanced.

Besides, the total cost of a Payday Loan includes some additional fees. Mississippi lending rules allow to charge $30 NSF fee

A typical Mississippi borrower pays an estimated $691 in fees for a $350 payday loan and still owes the $350 in principal. Overall, payday lending costs Mississippi families over $270 million each year. Payday lending drains $2.2 million and $3.9 million from Tunica and Attala County households, respectively.

The law obligates Mississippi Payday Loan lenders to provide you with a written disclosure of all the rates and fees in the understandable language. You should read them carefully and if you agree acknowledge the notification by signing the contract.

Mississippi Payday Loans direct lenders regulations 

According to Mississippi payday loan laws all direct lenders are obliged to register their companies which will allow issuing payday loans contract. It concerns both Online Payday Loans and Payday Loans Near Me.

Mississippi payday lenders make over $1.2 billion in loans each year, draining over $270 million in fees from Mississippi borrowers. Over 900 payday lenders charging up to 572% annual percentage rate (APR) for a twoweek loan are located throughout Mississippi; with the highest concentrations per household in Tunica, Attala, and Leake Counties.

The main rules regarding Payday loan lenders in Mississippi state that they should:

  • Comply with certain requirements in their locations. A definite legal postal address is required for each company. The store should be not less than 100 square feet in terms of space. It is also forbidden to place a payday lending store near such institutions as a pawn shop, or a title pledge office, or the like.
  • All the lending operations and transactions must be indicated in the agreement; an “interest” amount should be clearly expressed in dollars as a fee and the dates of the agreement and of the transaction should coincide.
  • Issue a loan to a borrower only after getting a proper identification. 
  • Give you a contract typed in a language you understand
  • Display license & fee structure at each location

Nevertheless, you should be careful not to come across any scams. Some unfair lenders can operate without license or under a different license and offer too expensive ‘payday loans’ under illegal conditions. Always check that the lender you are going to apply to works under Mississippi state law.

Mississippi Payday Loans consumer information

Besides amounts, rates and fees, consumers must be also well aware of other details of Payday Loans in Mississippi. They include the availability and number of rollovers, extensions and repayment plan, a cooling-off period, any default penalties or additional fees, etc. Check out the table below to find the most essential information:

Rollovers or extensions None
Cooling-off period Not stated
NSF fee $30 NSF fee
Criminal actions Prohibited

Look for more detailed information on the official Mississippi state regulator website – http://www.dbcf.state.ms.us/, http://www.dbcf.state.ms.us/.

Legitimate Payday Loans Online with NO credit check in Mississippi

Looking for a legal Payday Loan with No credit check in Mississippi? You must understand the meaning of this phrase correctly at first. No credit check implies that a lender will not inquire about your credit history information from or send your borrowing data to any of the three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

If you don’t want to damage your credit history Mississippi law allows you to apply for a Payday Loan with No credit check. But you should understand that a lender needs to check your creditworthiness at least in some way. He can perform a soft credit check when a lender pre-approves you for a loan and this inquiry will not appear on your credit report. Or there’re other ways to prove you can afford the cash advance. Payday Loan lenders use the tracking system to verify your debts, check your income, etc. And generally, they charge higher interest to lessen the risks.

Mississippi Payday loans online no credit check are one of the easiest options of getting quick cash to cope with emergency financial requirements, especially for the people with poor credit.

Does Mississippi law allow Payday Loans for bad credit borrowers?

The average credit score in Mississippi is 647, placing it in the good range. But it doesn’t mean that those who have a worse credit can’t apply for a Payday Loan in Califonia. 

  • First of all, There’re a lot of legit direct lenders in Mississippi providing Payday cash advance to borrowers with both good and bad credit score.
  • Secondly, you can always find a cosigner to increase your chances of being approved for a bad credit Payday Loan.
  • Find out how to improve your credit score and do your best to do it fast. 
  • Or consider taking out a bad credit Installment Loan, or bad credit Personal Loan.

Legit Payday Loans in Mississippi collection practices

If you can’t repay the loan amount plus interest on a due date it means you default the loan. When Mississippi direct lender isn’t able to cash your check after the repayment term is over he may charge you an NSF fee. NSF fee means there are non-sufficient funds on your account. The amount charged is determined by the lender and stated in the agreement and may also be limited by the state’s Payday Loan law. In Mississippi it’s $30 NSF fee.

Besides there are other default penalties in Mississippi such as $30 NSF fee.

A borrower cannot face any jail time for defaulting on a payday loan. The lender is aware at the time of the transaction that he/she is accepting a “bad” check so they can’t use the criminal justice system to prosecute someone for knowingly writing a bad check.
The Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance is the state regulator for the payday lending industry. They have a complaint form on their website for consumers to use to complain about issues arising during the course of doing business with a payday lending company. After the complaint form is filed, the Department of Banking will investigate by checking the store’s paperwork, interviewing all necessary parties and/or taking any other steps it deems it necessary to secure all of the facts. After this, they will make a determination about the case and contact all parties. If it results in a refund or monetary recovery to the borrower then they will ensure that the store complies. If the store is to receive a fine, then the Department of Banking will pursue them to collect the money.

If you think that your payday lender violates the Mississippi Payday Loans law, you may file a written complaint with  Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance, P.O. Box 12129 Jackson, MS 39236-2129, (601) 321-6901. The supervisor from that office interviews witnesses, reviews the payday lender’s business records and documentation, and determine whether to pursue civil or criminal charges

Mississippi Payday Loans news  – latest changes

There were 425 title-pledge lenders in Mississippi at the end of last year, 774 check cashing companies (which include payday lenders), and 391 of the newly recognized “credit availability” companies. There are another 569 small-loan firms. Together these “lenders-of-last-resort” to the working poor represent a billion-dollar industry.

Mississippi in 2016 tried to pass the Credit Availability Act. It expanded the types of high-cost loans that could be offered in the state, effectively muting the expected federal rules.

Lenders take a different view. They consider Payday Loans as a necessary form of credit that should be available to people in need. While lenders in Mississippi are allowed to charge triple-digit annual interest rates, they must be clearly spelled out and offer the borrower a clear schedule of payments and costs.

Non-bank lending in Mississippi is newer than traditional bank loans. A lot of Mississippi applicants avoid banks as they prefer to stay unbanked.

“Payday lending has been around a long time, because people are using it so there’s a need for it,” he said. “If it was not needed then it would have gone away a long time ago.”

Mississippi Payday Loans historical background

Before 1998 36% interest rate limit
1998 Lenders were allowed to charge as much as $21.95 per $100
2003 7, 14, and 30-day loan terms were permitted; which resulted in 1144% APR, 572% APR and 267% APR, respectively.
2006 Loans to the military were capped at 36% APR.
2012 Check Cash Cashing Act made Payday Loans legal and allowed lenders charge high interest.
2016 Installment-loan legislation was passed.
June 2 , 2016 A Payday Loan Rule was proposed by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) but it’s still under consideration.

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